Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Falling Leaves

Finished my leaf quilt top the other day!

Leaf Quilt 1

The pattern is called Prismatic Plants and it's a free download from DoYouEQ.com. You can use the project file in Quilt Design Wizard, EQ6, or EQ7. If you have one of these softwares and aren't taking advantage of the free monthly projects, you're really missing out! Heidi designs the cutest stuff!

Leaf Quilt 3

I opened the project file in EQ7 and made a couple of quick changes. I deleted some seam lines in the leaves because I planned to make each half of the leaf all the same fabric, and there was no reason to have that extra seam in the "body" of the leaf. Plus, I was foundation-piecing the leaves, so who cares about funky-shaped triangles!

And I choose to print the patterns at 7", rather than the original 8", because I wanted the quilt to fit in the wall space above our fireplace. I want to get some use out of this quilt before it's time for Christmas decorations, so the quilting will have to wait because it's going up on the wall today!

Leaf Quilt 2

Choosing all the fabrics for these scrappy leaves was a fun challenge! Although I make such a mess when I'm working on a scrappy project like this (and I don't have the luxury of a dedicated sewing room anymore where I can just shut the door and walk away!). I liked using the fabric swatches on the download page as my guide--

Being a photographer's assistant can be a tough job!


  1. Beautiful quilt!!! Using the teal for the background was a perfect choice; it really makes the orange pop!!!

  2. Your Falling Leaves quilt is lovely. Love the shots with your assistant!

  3. Love how you went from dark to light on that background fabrics. Great job!:)

  4. Really pretty. Great idea to do the background colour like that.

  5. This is just lovely. Great job with the fabric choices!!

  6. I love how you split the leaf, and modified each to make them more natural.

  7. How beautiful! The fabric choices and placement really make this quilt stunning.

  8. This is gorgeous! Actually, I absolutely love it. Hope you are enjoying it on your wall :-)

  9. Looks amazingly pretty. I hope I can soon design such quilts on my EQ7

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