Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dresden Plate Pillow

I finished my dresden plate project today- it decided to be a pillow!

dresden pillow front

This was a fun little block to work on. I always thought dresden plates looked difficult, but after seeing the tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew I decided to try it out. If I make another one of these I think I'll actually hand stitch down the blades and center circle- I'm not crazy about the look of zigzag stitching. But it's a lot faster!

dresden pillow detail

I'm a little hesitant to show a close-up of the center. I wish the circle would have turned out more "circle-y" and less "misshapen oval". But I had already spent all the time embroidering the K so I wasn't about to re-do it. This actually sealed the deal for the block becoming a pillow, rather than a wallhanging-- I figured the not-so-roundness would be less noticeable on the puffiness of a pillow.

And here's a shot of the back, a simple envelope closure:

dresden pillow back

All the fabrics I used were leftovers from a quilt I made for K before she was born. And here she is with the quilt, all brand new!

baby k quilt


  1. I just stumbled upon that Sew Mama Sew tute on the dresden plate the other day... Just finished cutting out the pieces for my sister's birthday gift/quilt and wanted to try the design. Her tutorial made it come together so much easier than others! LOVE your pillow!


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