Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 9/25/13

I finally finished this quilt top so now I'm working on piecing together a back from the left over bits and pieces I have from the front. I had a handful of HSTs and I used up what little I had left of the khaki solid to make a few more.

mm quilt back 1

I just love stars. I don't know why I don't make more of them!

mm quilt back 2

In some ways I enjoy putting together a back more than the front. I like the improv aspect and maybe there's less pressure to get it "just right" since its the back.

mm quilt back 3

Hope to be quilting soon!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reversible Wrap Shirt

I've been itching to make some more clothes for K, but I needed something that wouldn't take me ages to finish. I found a great (almost) instant gratification project in this free pattern on the Birch Fabrics blog by CINO.

wrap shirt 2

It's a quick, easy sew with just enough cute factor in those ruffled sleeves to give it some personality. I made the 4/5 size and it fits nicely over a long sleeve shirt. I probably should have made it a smidge longer than the pattern. I always seem to forget I've got a long-waisted girl.

wrap shirt 1

Who doesn't love a reversible shirt that can work double time? This fabric is more left over tradeshow table covers from work using vintage* Gypsy Caravan by Amy Butler. I used this fabric for the first dress I ever made for K. Oh, do I miss her being that little!

jumper 2

She's growing up to be a pretty awesome kid though.

wrap shirt 3

And the photo shoot is over!

wrap shirt 4

*Vintage = as in the first release back in the early 2000s, not from the re-release a year or two ago. I had Amy Butler in my Stash before it was cool. Ok fine, she was always cool.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Speech Bubbles Blocks

I have some exciting news to share- I'm designing block patterns on My EQ Boutique! The Hi block below is part of my first foundation pieced collection called Speech Bubbles available here.

Hi Speech Bubble

Here's a little preview of the collection:

If you haven't seen My EQ Boutique before, you should totally check it out! You get to download the software for free and then you can print the block patterns from the site at any size you want. So even though I made the Hi block above at 6", you could choose to make it at 12" (or 5"... or 8.75"... whatever size you want!).

You also get to pick whether you want to buy individual blocks or the whole collection (at a great price!). There are several free collections you can download to try it out. I highly recommend!

There's also a flash sale going on right now at My EQ Boutique! Use code Friday13 for 25% off your purchase until 11:59 pm EST September 13th.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mario Quilt

Even though his current video game obsession has shifted to Minecraft, the kiddo still loved the Mario quilt I made him.

Mario Quilt

Inspired by Cut to Pieces' Mario quilt, but the interfacing technique I used for piecing was more similar to Oh Fransson's tutoral (which I also used for my Scrappy Postage Stamp quilt!).

This past summer has not been great for my blogging, but I hope to get back at it more this fall! Stay tuned for more updates soon! :)