Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonky Stars: Finished!

My first completed project of 2012! Most of the work may have taken place in 2011, but let's not get technical, okay?

wonky stars finished 1

This has been a fun project to take my time with. I posted about it here, here, and here. Apparently I have a lot to say about this little quilt!

wonky stars finished 3

I love this variegated perle cotton thread. So pretty! I was originally going to use the raspberry color for all the stars, but when I went back to the store to get another skein I saw the blue/green and couldn't resist. I think it adds a nice variation.

wonky stars finished 2

I need to find more projects to hand quilt using this thread!


  1. These are lovely! I came across them in the fresh modern quilts pool and popped over to take a look :)
    I'm just about to start my first run in with hand quilting (I'm lazy and love my machine!) Do you have any advice?

  2. This is just gorgeous! Truly! I love that you mixed & matched the thread for the handstitching...especially where the two intersect on your two middle stars!

  3. love it! just popped over from Modern Day Quilts. YOur hand stitching really makes these stars twinkle!!

  4. love love love!, the colours, stitching, stars it's awesome!

  5. That's SO gorgeous!! I'm totally drawn to the floating wonky star with hand-quilting around the outside!
    What size of Perle did you use? I tried one thing with 8, I think, and hated every single second of it. But since so many people love it and do it, I figure I must be doing something wrong. OR, I got a bad skein. :)
    Super gorgeous quilt, though.

  6. What a cute quilt! I love the hand quilting you did around each star.

  7. I like the hand stitching. It really makes the stars pop.

  8. WOW Jenny... this is so fresh and pretty. It's modern, it's traditional, it's funky - it's all those things at the same time. The "big" stitching is just perfect. Love it.

  9. Love your stars! Can you tell us who makes the varigated pearl cottan and what size it is? What type and size needle did you use. Thanks.


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