Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rose Star Block Party

Through some blog hopping, I stumbled upon selfsewn's blog and saw her beautiful Rose Star blocks. So, so pretty! She's hosting a block party for these blocks and I thought it would be fun to join in! I still haven't finished my last english paper piecing project, but who says I can't start another one? *wink*

rose star block front

Here's my practice block. I'm surprised how quickly it came together with all those little pieces. This block is 8" across. It seems kinda small, so I may increase the size on my next one. I think I may like the look of a solid fabric center hexagon better too.

I drew the pattern in EQ7. I thought I might be able to find the Rose Star pattern in BlockBase; I didn't find exactly what I was looking for but I found something close that gave me a starting point for drawing.


This is block #242 (aka Three Patch) from BlockBase. And it's pretty close to the Rose Star block! So I edited it to the Block Worktable, rotated it 30 degrees (so the middle hexagon would be on a flat edge), and added the needed lines to create the kite patches.


And here it is with some solid colors.


Here's a peak at the back:

rose star block back

I'm excited to make more of these pretty blocks and see the other blocks in block party!


  1. How brilliant, wish I was able to work out how to do that!

  2. absolutely gorgeous! i just used your template to make my own plastic templates out of a file folder! so excited to try this when i get home from work :D

  3. I love everything about this! The color are so great! :-)

  4. Awesome! I'm starting my first block tonight! I can't wait to start, I've only ever done hexagons, I've never ventured into other shapes.

  5. Ooh what a great post Jenny!
    So glad you found the party!
    I am thinking of making a solid star myself.

  6. Love this! I'm thinking you could paper piece this with freezer paper, too????

  7. Your blocks are beautiful! Thank you for showing how you drew it up in EQ.

  8. Thank you for the head's up on how you used a BB block and then edited in EQ. Very clever ... thank you for sharing how you did it.


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