Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My loooooong term project

I've been working on a grandmother's flower garden quilt for more than a year now. I'm piecing it all by hand and I plan to do the quilting by hand too. I'm not sure why I decided on such an ambitious project (I started so long ago!)... I guess I completed a few smaller hand sewing projects and decided it wasn't so scary after all! I also like that I can work on hand sewing projects in the living room where I can watch tv with the hubby.

hexie stack

I'd taken a long break, but now I'm back at it again. I think part of the reason I got discouraged from working on it the last time was because of all the white hexagons this design requires. Not particularly interesting to work with, and I still have a ton of them to make. Guess I shouldn't have sewn all the pretty flowers together first. :) Here's my plan for the quilt:

hexie plan

And this is how far I've gotten:

hexie in progress 1

I like that I don't feel any pressure to get this quilt done. It's nice to take my time with it and just work on it when I feel like it. I'm using fabric from Tula Pink's Nest collection. I'm excited to see how this one turns out... whether that's in a few months or another year or two.

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