Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best Friends Forever!

I've noticed the friendship bracelets of my youth making the rounds on the interweb lately (like here), and it made me want to dig out my ol' floss box to see if I still had some of my old bracelets. Sure enough, I did!

friendship bracelet 1

I loved making these when I was a kid. I still have the DMC instruction sheets for the bracelets too. Who didn't need a macramé-ish cord to hold up their neon green paint-splattered sunglasses back then?

friendship bracelet 2

The kids were very interested in these old bracelets, and all the colorful floss, so I'll have an excuse to make some new ones (hopefully in better colors this time around!). Among my bracelet stuff I also found a bunch of old embroidery floss tassels. Because what nine-year-old girl doesn't have a use for decorative tassels?


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