Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Family - In Cross Stitch Form

cross stitch family portrait 1

Or maybe pixelated 80s video game form. That's what these little cross stitched people remind me of. I found the patterns on Martha Stewart's site. There are a lot of different options for customizing your family- so fun to pick and choose! And luckily I have a ton of embroidery floss, so I had plenty of colors on hand to choose from.

cross stitch family portrait 2

Although my husband asked why he was wearing gold pants. They're khaki! Sheesh... The kids love it though- "That's me!" Who knew seeing a little cross stitched version of yourself could be so exciting?

I even finished it nicely on the back, which I rarely bother to do with these things.

cross stitch family portrait 3

This was way easier than our last actual portrait sitting. A was 2.5 when we tried to have a nice family photo taken. It was a disaster. A very expensive disaster. I was so traumatized by the event that A is almost 6 now and I haven't had another professional picture taken since then.

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