Sunday, October 30, 2011


I finished K's princess costume earlier this week and, if I do say so myself, she's adorable!

Halloween 2011

Darth Vader is pretty handsome, too.

Surprisingly, this was one of those rare times when sewing something myself was less expensive than buying the ready-made version. Most of the princess costumes I saw in the store were around $25-$30 (and they had a Disney princess face plastered on them). The materials for this project cost me $15, and I bought extra fabric because I couldn't decide on which shade of pink I liked for the bodice, so I bought both.

princess dress

It ended up kinda big on her, but I wanted to allow for plenty of layers underneath. This is Ohio, so it could be 30 degrees or 80 degrees on Halloween, you never know. Plus, this way she can use it for years to come as a dress up outfit. I was really crossing my fingers when I hemmed the skirt- who knew it would be difficult to get a 2.5 year old to stand still for a measuring?

princess accessories

I bought the crown and gloves, but I made the purse/trick-or-treat bag. I didn't use a pattern for the bag- just kind of winged it based on the amount of fabric I had left. I think the proportions look a little off because of this lack of planning, but it'll look better when it's filled with candy. *wink*

princess purse flower

My favorite part is the puffed sleeves. So cute! Make It and Love It's tutorial for this dress was awesome. I'm so proud of myself for drawing my own little pattern for these sleeves. I'll definitely be using these little puffed guys again.

princess sleeve

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


  1. Adorable costume! You did a great job with it!

  2. All the details are so great and she looks adorable. AND congrats on your WIN!!!!

  3. Thanks so much! Halloween was so much fun, she even kept the crown on for most of the night!


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