Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pretty Purled Pumpkin

(Ok, that title is a lie because this was knit in the round, so it was all knits, no purls. ;) But I'm all about alliteration, so I couldn't help myself!)

pumpkin 2

Since the weather has been getting cooler, I've been itching to get out the knitting needles again. I planned to knit one of these cute little owls. I grabbed some chunky orange yarn I had on hand and started knittin'. As it started to take shape I couldn't help but see the "pumpkin-ness" of it and changed the project halfway through. I left out a few of the straight knit rounds in the middle to give it a squattier shape and added an i-cord stem at the top. It's actually quite fun to squish and it doesn't stay in that nice pumpkin shape for long before the kids are hugging, smashing, or throwing it out of shape.

I took my knitting needles to A's soccer practice the other night, and started this pattern again (with purple, to avoid mid-project pumpkin transformations) and I think it actually will turn out to be an owl this time!

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