Friday, September 30, 2011

oliver + s backpack: DONE!

It's still September for a few more hours and I made it- I finished the backpack!

dino backpack 1

dino backpack 2

The completion of this backpack has been trying, to say the least. Not by any fault of the pattern, just annoying circumstances. I'm still without my new sewing machine,a matter that is making me increasingly grumpy, so I had to struggle through by using a combination of my two older, only-partially-working sewing machines. And I had the worst time trying to find the strap adjusters and zipper for this project. I never did find the 1.5" strap adjusters so I made due with 1" adjusters by using 1" webbing for the bottom section of the straps.

dino backpack 3

As I started piecing this together I thought it looked so small and it would be absolutely dinky on A, but I guess I'm just used to his ginormous superhero backpack because it looks just right on him. Unfortunately, it's not big enough to hold his homework folder so he won't be able to use it for school.

dino backpack 4

Phew. So glad to have this project done.


  1. Dinosaurs! I love the adjustments you make, they look really great.

  2. Oh, I like it! So sorry you had to struggle through it with machines that weren't working properly. The finished project looks fantastic.

  3. I really like how you adapted the straps to fit the strap adjustors. I looks so good. It's nice to see such a cute boy version of the backpack.

  4. VERY clever way to make do with the strap adjusters on hand. Cute backpack, too!

  5. I really love those dinosaurs. Well done.

  6. Love the print and the webbing looks great!

  7. What a manly little pack! Loving the dinosaurs!

  8. you are a genius! That's the perfect way to make due with the 1" adjustors. Love the orange straps with that fabric too.

  9. Perfect boy backpack! Great way to make the 1" strap adjusters work!


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