Tuesday, September 6, 2011

oliver + s sew along: starting the backpack

I finished tracing and cutting out the pattern pieces for the Little Things to Sew backpack (month 2 of the oliver +s sew along!). Holey moley, that's a lot of pieces!

backpack tracing

And I'm not even cutting out the little pieces to make the penguin! I'll be using that dinosaur fabric under the pattern pieces. No one really needs a new backpack in our house, so I didn't want to buy new fabric. I'll be using the leftovers from this project. Here's to hoping I don't need a full yard of fabric!


  1. I love that dino fabric! I still have to buy mine. whoops. It's always good to use up something you already have though, especially something that cute!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of pieces! I'm not doing the penguin either, as cute as it is. Can't wait to see your dinosaur back pack!

  3. I started tracing last night...OMG, the number of pieces!! The dino fabric is fun!


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