Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hexagon Block Pouch

hexblock pouch 1

I finished sewing the hexagon block into a little zippered pouch. Projects like this really make me miss having a Joann's in town. We still have a Hobby Lobby, but their selection of certain items (like zippers) is pretty lame. I wanted a fun bright color, but they only had basic (i.e. boring) colors in the 9 inch size. There were only two colors that I thought would work for this project– the bright pink was only 7 inches, so I had to go with the 22" lime green zip and cut it down.

hexblock pouch 2

And here's the other side of the pouch. I don't know if I can really call this "free piecing" because all my lines are pretty straight and parallel/perpendicular. I gravitate towards orderliness, so it's hard for me to get that wonky look. But I do have a wonky star project on my mental "to sew" list that I hope to work on soon.

And now for something totally unrelated!

I came across this doll diaper post the other day on Happy Together and had to make one immediately.

doll diaper 1

I've been wanting to make K some cloth doll diapers for a while, but this is so much easier than what I had in mind. It involved taking a regular cloth diaper pattern and scaling it down to doll size—way too difficult for me to actually get around to sewing.

doll diaper 2

It's a tad big for her favorite baby doll, but that probably makes it easier for her to put on and take off herself. She loves it! And I can't wait to make her some more- fast and easy!

doll diaper 3

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  1. Your little one looks really happy with her baby doll nappy - might make some of these when I get back home.



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