Sunday, September 25, 2011

No Sew Zone

I think I have angered the sewing gods.

I mentioned when I first got my new sewing machine that it made a very noticeable sound when it was on- sort of like really loud florescent lights humming. I chalked it up to the machine being new to me with new sounds to get used to, but it seems that it IS a problem. And it will be in the shop until Wednesday, AT LEAST. Because that's when their technician comes in- apparently repairs are not a Monday morning kind of priority.

Obviously this bums me out because it's a brand new machine and it's already in the shop. But now I probably won't be able to finish my oliver + s sew along backpack by the end of the month. Not only does this mess with my perfectionist-like need to finish things by the "due date", but I also won't be eligible for the pattern drawing. Super bummer.

I did try to use the ol' Brother machine this afternoon to see if I could power through sewing the backpack, but the old problems are still there and way too frustrating to deal with. At least I can still feel justified in buying a new machine!

Since my machine is out of commission for a while, I thought I'd concentrate on some hand sewing. I finished the wonky stars quilt top a few days ago and planned to hand quilt around the stars. Well, I stitched around one star and I'm not crazy about the look. *sigh* I might let it sit for a few days and re-evaluate. Is the universe telling me not to sew, in any form?

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