Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinosaur Kidlet

kidlet fabric

I bought this fabric a couple months ago with the intention of making one of these book slings. But after buying the hardware and testing it out in A's room I decided there was just no good place for it.

So the fabric has been sitting around my sewing table and every time A saw it he would beg me to make something out of it. Every night A picks a book from the bookshelf in the living room and takes it upstairs to read at bedtime. Because of this there is always a tower of books stacked on the floor next to his bed. I came across this Kidlet tutorial and thought it would be a good solution. Not only would it give us a place to put the books, but it would make it easier to take them back downstairs.

kidlet 1

I didn't use the dimensions given in the pattern; it didn't seem like it would be big enough to hold most of our books. The tutorial says it should take you about an hour to make one. I must be a slow sewer because it probably took me at least twice that (and I didn't even make the cute pocket on the front!). Here it is in action in his room:

kidlet 2

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  1. What dimensions did you use? I run into this problem with our librarybook bag. Never big enough. Thanks!


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