Thursday, June 30, 2011

The "Where Was I Going With This?" Dress

brown flowers dress 2

Last summer, after making my first dress from a pattern, I decided I'd wing it and make a dress without a pattern. I thought all I needed was a basic shape, which I got from tracing one of K's dresses, and I'd just run with it. This is what I first came up with:

brown flowers dress 3

And look at how nicely I finished those seams!

brown flowers dress 4

You'll notice that there are no straps. I can't remember what my original plan was with the straps, but for whatever reason that plan was abandoned. It also wasn't the easiest dress to put on because there is no zipper/buttons on the back. Eventually I put the dress away and waited for an epiphany...

I brought the dress back out a few days ago and ended up with this:

brown flowers dress 5

She won't be able to wear this for long. The no zipper problem has become more of an issue since last summer- she's really gotta shimmy to get into it now. But at least I managed to get it into a wearable garment for a little while. And I figure once she outgrows it as a dress I'll chop it at the waist and make it into a skirt. I do like the long ties in the back and the cute little butterfly buttons on the front:

brown flowers dress detail 2

brown flowers dress detail 1

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