Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Infinity Scarf

A few weeks ago I went to Goodwill looking for some hidden gems. I'm always seeing these cool vintage sheets people find, so I took a turn through the housewares section. I *thought* I was coming home with some fun vintage sheets. Well I took it home and started cutting it up and found the tag- IKEA. So, at best, it was what? Vintage 2003? ;)
Even though my vintage street cred dreams were shattered, I made an Infinity Scarf:

infinity scarf 1

It's loosely based on this tutorial. I didn't use the measurements given, but the instructions for turning the tube were very helpful. Since I wasn't using two different fabrics, and I had a big chunk of fabric to cut from, I only cut one large rectangle and sewed one seam down the long edge.

infinity scarf 2

I have some fabric I'd like to use to make another one of these, but next time I plan to use two coordinating fabrics- love the look of the scarf in the tutorial!

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