Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall Memories Photo Quilt

I love Fall! Love the cooler temps, cozy sweaters, and changing colors. It also has many of my favorite family fun activities like visiting the pumpkin patch and dressing up for Halloween.

Fall Memories Quilt 1

I've wanted to make a quilt using family photos for quite a while and decided that "Fall" would be a good theme for such a quilt. I have so many great photos from all our various fall activities that I had a hard time choosing just one from each year!

Fall Memories Quilt 7

I embroidered the year on each of the photos. I don't like to freehand letters/numbers for embroidery because I'm too much of a perfectionist, so I usually like to work something up on the computer and print it out. Here's my super simple way to transfer lettering/numbers from a printout:

Start with a printout. I wasn't sure how large I wanted the numbers, so I made several different sizes on the same sheet.

Fall Memories Quilt 2

Flip the printout over and use a pencil to color over the letters/numbers.

Fall Memories Quilt 3

Place the printout face up over your fabric and trace the numbers with your pencil. Go over each number several times and lift up a corner to check your transfer before moving the printout.

Fall Memories Quilt 4

And ta-da! You have your numbers transferred to your work surface!

Fall Memories Quilt 5

It's a subtle addition to each photo (maybe a little too subtle on a couple of photos!), but a nice way to help save the memory.

Fall Memories Quilt 6

I used EQ Printables printable fabric for my photos.

Fall Memories Quilt 8

Now to find the perfect place to hang this new quilt!


And just in time, I've finished this quilt to link up to Celebrate Color!

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  1. What a cute idea!! And it came out great. :D


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