Thursday, July 7, 2011

Warm/Cool Quilt FINISHED!

Warm/Cool Finished!

I finished the binding on my Warm/Cool Quilt today. This was my first quilt along and I'm so glad I participated! Not only was it fun to see how everyone interpreted the quilt differently, but it keeps you motivated to finish a project. I'm thinking of joining the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along next, but I'm starting a little late in the game so I'll really have to kick my butt in gear!

Thanks to Jeni's fantastic color articles (and example photos!), I thought differently about color when working on this project. It's not as simple as calling a fabric "purple" or "yellow"- there are so many more things to consider!

Warm/Cool Finished- Quilting

I used a soft yellow thread to quilt the warm areas and turquoise for the cool areas. I like using stripes for binding and this fabric caught my eye at JoAnn's the other day and I thought it would be perfect for this quilt.

Warm/Cool Finished- Detail

I love how this little girl silhouette ended up perfectly framed in the bottom corner!


  1. Such a lovely quilt, it makes me want to make one.

  2. Like your quilt, thank you for putting photos up.found your site from Jeni's. while looking at your middle photo, thought it reminded me of an elongated hexagon. see there are warm and cool pinks or purples and other colors. light or darks,
    wondered how you picked colors besides cool/warm.
    see brightes and flats... this is so fascinating.
    Be Well
    Lynn D

  3. @Lynn- Thank you for your kind words! I had never noticed the elongated hexagon shape before. When choosing fabrics, I really just thought about warm vs. cool, and finding fabrics that didn't have a mix. I thought Jeni's Art of Choosing post was wonderful for making you think of color in better ways.


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