Sunday, August 14, 2011

oliver + s sew along: bucket hat

I realized a few days ago that August is just about half way over and I needed to start working on my bucket hat for the oliver + s sew along August project. The next couple of weeks are pretty busy and I know August will be gone before I know it. I buckled down and finished it tonight!

bucket hat 1

I bought this fun fabric a while back without a particular project in mind, but who can resist a good weiner dog fabric?

bucket hat fabric

I made the reversible bucket hat once before, so there were no surprises with this pattern (not that there were surprises the first time- it's an easy to follow pattern). However, I decided that I should make the next size up in the hopes that it will still fit next summer. So I had to trace and cut out a new pattern- blah. A. has requested a bucket hat of his own, so I guess I'll be tracing the large size of the pattern as well. *sigh*

bucket hat 2

bucket hat 3

K kept calling it her "puppy hat" and marching around the house with it on, so I'm hopeful that it'll actually get some use. However, when she was called upon for modeling duties, she let her two-year-old side show and most of the photos looked something like this:

bucket hat x


  1. that fabric is PRECIOUS! I love how the little dogs cascade across the hat, great cutting job! And that model is pretty darn cute as well.

  2. I love your bucket hat and the fabrics you used!!! And the model is so cute...and that face! :) My model is often uncooperative and I get a lot of pictures like that, too. :)

  3. It so fun to see all the fabrics that everyone is using. People will see this from a distance and will do everything they can to see it closer. They'll remember it too! I love it.

  4. I love the weiner dog hat! It's precious!

  5. That last shot--oh my! :) Love the fabric too!

  6. Holy smokes! I covet that fabric. It's phenomenal :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric and the look on the little one is priceless.

  8. Oh my goodness, it looks so good! I LOVE the fabric!!!

  9. So cute, I love the fabric. :)

  10. What a fun doggie print! Great choice for the hat! (Cute model too!)


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