Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mr. Dinosaur


I made another project from the Wee Wonderfuls book– this time a big, bad dinosaur! I always feel a bit guilty because I make so many things for K, but let's face it– girl stuff is just more fun to make. And a dress is much easier than a button-down shirt; the thought of matching up multiple buttons and buttonholes makes me shudder.


I'm pretty happy with the finished product, and so is the recipient. I had intended to make it a "good luck at kindergarten" kind of gift, but time got away from me. Hand sewing those spikes on the back took me DAYS. My poor little fingers were sore from trying to maneuver the needle through corduroy and stuffing. That profile is pretty striking, though.


I dug through my stash of corduroy (surprisingly, I had several options)and laid out three different fabric combinations for A to choose from. He choose the grey with the green and turquoise dots, which was my favorite too.


I changed the face from the original pattern because I wanted something that looked a little more friendly. Don't ya just want to give this guy a hug?


My first project from this book, the Marian bear, has been finished for quite a while but I just can't seem to get the facial features right. So the bear has remained face-less. I tried sewing on some felt circles for eyes, but the quality of my felt must be pretty poor because the circles were just kind of falling apart after the needle had gone through a few times. So I guess I'm in search of the perfect tiny button eyes. Or I could just leave it alone because K doesn't care either way.

pink bear


  1. I love that you made it in gray corduroy, great choice.

  2. ohmygosh This is fantastic. Love the corduroy!!! You must have fingertips of steel now :)


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