Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 2/27/13

I've turned these leftover strips:

Modern Meadow strips

Into this quilted pillow cover (in progress, obviously):

modern meadow pillow wip 1

I quilted vertical lines on the pieced strips and then some angles in the negative space on the sides. Now I have to decide if this is enough, or if I want to continue those angles to fill all the negative space. What do you think- leave it or add more?

modern meadow pillow wip 2

And, in keeping with tradition, I plan to make a birthday dress for K. I had been browsing around for a dress pattern when I stumbled upon this Paper Fan Dress. It's a (free!) pattern from Anna Maria Horner and I just love the pleating details.

4th birthday dress wip

I started cutting the pieces yesterday and am anxious to start sewing! It was pretty gray and dreary when I took this photo, so the color isn't very accurate, but I swear these fabrics look good together!


  1. Your pillow is lovely. I like the unquilted parts - it gives it an edge. More quilting will be equally lovely, though - and will just turn it into a very different thing. That's the problem with quiltmaking - too many options!

  2. I love that pillow! You could add more quilting lines, but know that it is lovely just the way it is. Also, that dress looks cute! I love the fabrics!

  3. I like the design. I'd not continue the angles, but I would quilt the space. Maybe echo the straight lines that you used on the pieced strips.

  4. Wow, your pillow cover is fabulous!

  5. What a great use of your strips! It looks super!

  6. I love this so much. The quilting makes the completeness if this. You should be very proud


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