Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boxy Pouch

I was looking for a quick-finish project this weekend and a search of my Pinterest boards led me to this Boxy Pouch.

boxy pouch 1

I think I must have some sort of winter-induced brain fog going on, because I had to use the seam ripper on this little project more times than I care to count. Maybe that's why I chose this summery fabric-- I'm subconsciously counting down the days until spring!

boxy pouch 2

Instead of making fabric tabs, I used a flowery grosgrain ribbon for the zipper pulls and I added a handle for easier carrying.

boxy pouch 3

It's a great size to hold a small knitting project. I'm well on my way to finishing another Palindrome scarf!

boxy pouch 4

The boxy shape makes it easily collapsible. It's pretty cute folded flat too! Next time I think I'll make it a bit smaller in laminate fabric for a make-up pouch.

boxy pouch 5


  1. I guess the seam ripper served its purpose... The pouch looks perfect!!! I love the fabric, is it vintage?

  2. I love this pouch.....the shape and the fabric!! Me and my seam ripper are the best of friends these days!!

  3. It's a nice box pouch. I like the tab too.


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