Saturday, March 3, 2012

ltts: play town

Here's my project for the February edition of a little gray's ltts sew along (only a few days late!). I really wasn't excited about making one of these houses... until I actually started pulling supplies together for it. Now I only wish I would have started sooner!


I think I could get wrapped up in the details of this project for weeks! I could make a whole village of these little guys! Here's one side with a window and a couple flowers:


The other side with a bay window:


And here's the back with some more flowers, or maybe a grossly out of proportion blueberry bush. I liked Jessica's circular windows so much, I made one too!


There's even a little greeting inside the door:


You can probably tell I didn't use the foam called for in the pattern. Since I was going to use fiber fill, I fused some medium-weight interfacing to all the pieces. Not once, but twice, I managed to fuse the interfacing to my pressing cloth rather than my house pieces. Sheesh. That's what I get for trying to do some sewing while also keeping the kids occupied. As you can see, adding the interfacing gave the little house quite a bit of structure (this is before stuffing and attaching the bottom).


As much as I would like to add to my little play town right now, I've got a project list about a mile long for March- mostly in preparation of K's birthday at the end of the month. I'm sure not even half of my ideas will get done, but here's hoping!


  1. It's fantastic Jenny! That's exactly how I felt about it too, but it was so fun once you start thinking up ways to embellish. I love your curtains and button topiary! Also, great idea to interface everything instead of foam.

  2. How cute!! If you made this bigger without a bottom it would make a cute tissue box cover! :)

  3. That is super cute! I love your flowers and the curtains in the window! Great idea on the interfacing. The "Hi!" was a fun touch, too. :)

  4. Your details are amazing. I love the buttons on the side too. I want to make more too.

  5. Oh a bay window!!! I love it! The buttons were a great idea too. Shoot. Now I may have to make more.

  6. This is very cute. I love the little door that opens and the curtains!

  7. Too cute!!! Love your button flowers and the little hidden "hi!" too! Great idea to use the interfacing in combination with the fiberfill. I may just use that tip one day when I finally make these!

  8. I love the little message inside the door and the tree/topiary next to it. The details make so fun.


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