Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 3/14/12

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote a WIP post, so here's what I've been up to!

Rose Star Quilt

rose star quilt wip 2

It may not look much different from the last time I showed this quilt, but I swear there's been some progress! There are soooo many little seams to stitch up between these blocks. Oh, and the fact that I'm doing it by hand makes it slow going.

K's Birthday Dress

I've cut out all the pattern pieces and the sewing has begun. Here's the bodice, with ties attached, and the sleeves.

bday dress wip 1

Threading the 1/4" elastic through those little sleeves took every ounce of patience I had. I stitched a thick thread to one end of the elastic and then used an extra long needle to pull it through the tiny casing. On the second sleeve my thread broke twice as I was pulling it through- frustrating! And I can look forward to this frustrating process again as I have to use the same elastic around the entire neckline. I may need a glass of wine first.

bday dress wip 2

Postage Stamp Quilt

A few days ago I saw this post on Oh, Fransson! and really wanted to try out Elizabeth's technique of using fusible interfacing for piecing small patches. So I've started cutting out little squares!

postage stamp cutting

I plan to make a little doll quilt with these squares and use it as a birthday gift for K.

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  1. great projects, i loooooove the rose stars, of course. K's bday dress is looking super cute, you'll get the hang of that elastic but a glass a wine would surely help, lol. I've seen that tutorial on oh fransson too, always wanted to try it. good luck!

  2. The rose stars look amazing!! The dress is going to be super cute, I adore that fabric!
    I've used the tutorial for little blocks for a pouch I made, it's super easy!! have fun :)

  3. That dress is so cute - good luck with the next round of elastic threading! I saw Elizabeth's tutorial too, can't wait to see your finished project.

  4. Your rose stars look just amazing!

    Good luck with the birthday dress - it's very sweet!

  5. I love your rose stars! And as for trying Elizabeth's interfacing trick - beware, you'll fall in love with it! I use that method all the time now for all sorts of tiny perfection!

  6. Still loving your rose and stars. I'm wanting to try that interfacing trick too. Have you tried putting a little safety pin through the end of your elastic and feeding it through? Being able to feel the metal/elastic through the fabric always helps me.


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