Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 5/23/12

Yesterday I posted the first block for a new quilt I'm making, and now I'll show off a few more!

4 blocks

This may look like a very random assortment of blocks, but I swear I have a plan in mind! They are part of a gift quilt that I'm making and each of the "picture" blocks has a special meaning for the recipients.

I don't want the picture blocks to take center stage in this quilt, so that's why they're made in all neutral fabrics. I want them to be more of a secondary surprise. Not something you notice right away, but see after looking at the quilt for a while. They may still draw more attention than I really intended, but I'm going full-steam ahead anyway. In my typical procrastinating ways, I've started working on this project way too late for the event it's supposed to celebrate!

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