Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As Seen on TV.... ME!

Yesterday I spent my morning at a TV studio in Cleveland taping a segment for Quilting Arts TV! I demonstrated how EQ7 can be a useful tool for the modern quilter. Here I am with the wonderful host Pokey Bolton.

Quilting Arts TV 1

I was quite a ball of nerves the last couple of weeks prepping for this segment! Public speaking is soooo not my thing. But everyone at the studio was so nice and friendly, it helped to put me at ease.

Quilting Arts TV 2

I love seeing how things work "behind the scenes". They tape the whole season in a week-- what a well-oiled machine! It was so interesting to see the other quilters/artists prepping their projects in the green room. I wish I could have spent more time hanging out there admiring everyone's work.

The episode won't air for several months; I'll be sure to post when it's available!


  1. how cool! i'm excited to see the episode! your work is amazing!

  2. That is very exciting! And, man. I need a lesson in EQ7! I have it, and I know I would love it...if I could just take the time to figure it out! :) I can't wait to see this episode. Congratulations. That's pretty cool!


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