Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have access to an AccuQuilt die cutter at work and I've used it several times to cut little stacks of patches like this:

stack o tumblers

But I had yet to turn these stacks into anything. This weekend I finally got around to sewing some of them together!

tumbler quilt top

I previously mentioned these tumblers here and here. All the prints are from the Weekends collection by Erin McMorris. At first I was planning to only use prints in the lime colorway, but all the tumblers just seemed to melt together. Then I added the solid aqua tumblers and it helped, but I still wasn't quite happy with it. This time I added a few prints from the violet colorway and I think it's just right!

Now, I'm not sure how I'd like to finish this quilt. Do I add a border(s) or just bind it?

aqua orange hexies 3

Here's another project I've been working on this summer. I had planned to have a finished project in time for the Festival of Hexagons, but I had my dates wrong and missed the deadline-- boo! At least there's no pressure to finish it now. ;)

aqua hexies

We went on a couple of mini vacations this summer and these hexagons traveled along with me. I made "busy bags" of activities and games to keep the kids occupied in the backseat. The supplies to make these little hexagons were in my busy bag!


  1. Love those tumblers! I'd say skip the border and leave the edge as is - maybe some binding in the same solid aqua?

  2. The Accuquilt makes such a pretty little pile of blocks! I have a Go baby, but not the tumbler die. I like the way your quilt looks. Hard to decide about a border; depends on the size you want it to be. Either way will be lovely. Too bad about the Festival miss! i really like what you are doing with your hexies..

  3. Wish I had access to an Accuquilt die cutter. Lucky you. Love your hexies. What about the hexies growing out of a solid aqua background with a few orange hexies breaking out? Just a thought.

  4. I say bind the tumbler quilt as is. I've seen a few like this and they're very cute! I've participated in a few Accuquilt swaps on Flickr -- hexagons, and circles -- and there was a tumbler swap, but I didn't participate (too much LIFE getting in the way of my sewing!). I love them, though, because I get such a great variety of fabrics that way! :)


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