Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 11/14/12

My Weekends tumbler quilt! I'll be writing about it soon.

weekends tumbler detail 1

And to celebrate corduroy day, I made a sunglasses case.

sunglass case 2

In Progress:
I've had battling baby quilts up on my design wall for a couple of weeks.

baby quilts

I couldn't decide which one I wanted to finish for an expecting friend. She ended up having her baby a week early, so the pressure was on. This weekend I started a brand new baby quilt, and I'm almost done quilting it!

boy flannel quilt

It has minky on the back and feels soooo cozy. It's gonna be hard to give this one up. But it is baby-sized so if I used this quilt, it would only keep a third of me cozy.

Future Projects?
I was at Target last night and saw this cute plate:

target xmas plate

And now I want to make a quilt inspired by it. Will this actually materialize? Odds aren't good, as the number of things I want to make and the actual time I have to make all these things don't match up. But here's hoping!


I posted a little giveaway yesterday to celebrate my 100th post, so please hop over and leave a comment to enter!


  1. The blue boy quilt looks great! And I love the plate...really inspiring for a quilt.

  2. Gorgeous projects!! I really need a sunglasses case and love yours, did you use a pattern?

  3. I love the sneaky peak at your design wall. I've asked myhusband to make one for me for Christmas!

  4. Love the little hedgehog quilt - too cute!

  5. Ooh I love that plate too! You have great taste ;)


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