Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW: Hosh Pants

I finished my first piece for Kids Clothes Week and it's only Tuesday! It's the Hosh Pants pattern from LouBeeClothing.

Hosh Pants 1

This is the first official pants pattern I've ever sewn (I don't count all the flannel jammie pants I've made since those have all been of the trace-a-pair-of-existing-pants variety). I'm really happy with how they turned out and I'll definitely be using this pattern again.

Hosh Pants 2

I was a little nervous with the sizing because K's measurements didn't line up well with any of the sizes. I decided to go with the 5T size. They're a tad big in the waist, but that's okay because one of the coolest features of this pattern is the adjustable waist! It uses buttonhole elastic like a lot of store-bought pants and I just love it! I'll definitely be using this technique for future pants construction.

Hosh Pants 3

The pattern suggests hemming the pants before seeing them together, but because I was a little iffy on the sizing, I decided to leave the hemming until the end when I could give them a test fit. The original hem ended up being fine, and it wasn't too hard to work in that small leg opening either. I can't remember where I read this, but did you know that when working in a small area like that, it's easier to sew with your pressed foot on the inside?

Hosh Pants 4

I used a printed stretch denim I found at Joann's. I was hoping to find some stretch denim in some fun solid colors, but the selection was pretty limited (and kinda pricey too!). It's not something I would use for pants for myself, but this girl knows how to work it.

Hosh Pants 5

She didn't really have any shirts to go with these pants, but I plan to remedy that later this week!

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  1. These are great! I actually purchased the same fabric to make a pair of Hosh Pants for my daughter. I made a red pair for my son (just posted to KCW) and really like this pattern. Btw, found some other fun printed stretch fabrics at fabric.com; planning to make a few pair for my daughter and found some at great prices there.


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