Sunday, October 20, 2013

Doc McStuffins Costume

After listing off at least 20 different things she wanted to be for Halloween over the past month, K finally settled on Doc McStuffins. I wasn't about to pay $30+ for the poorly-made version available in stores. K loves to play dress-up (her princess and mermaid costumes are still worn quite frequently), and I know those cheap, paper-thin costumes won't hold up to her wear and tear.

Plus, the best part of Halloween is getting to make the costumes, right?!

doc mcstuffins 1

I was able to pull this together for less than $5! Here are the materials I used: two t-shirts I found for $1 each, an old button-down shirt from my closet, and a long-sleeve shirt K already had.

doc mcstuffins 2

I used the pink t-shirt to make a simple skirt. Just cut it to length, made an elastic casing, and used the existing hem. Doesn't get much easier than that!

doc mcstuffins 3

I cut strips from the purple t-shirt and used a zig-zag stitch to sew them onto the long-sleeve shirt.

doc mcstuffins 4

For the doctor's coat, I hemmed up the sleeves and bottom, and added pockets to the front. I attempted to take up the shoulders so it didn't look so droopy on her, but after some fussing with it I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. It is just a Halloween costume, after all. ;)

doc mcstuffins 5

She already had the "official" Doc McStuffins bag and accessories (birthday gifts!), so she's all set!

doc mcstuffins 6

doc mcstuffins 7

And since I finished this costume with time to spare before Halloween, I can concentrate on Kids Clothes Week! I'm hoping to make 2-3 new garments this week-- wish me luck!


  1. Incredibly cute! The costume and K! (and I have no idea who Doc McStuffins is...)

  2. very cute and creative! homemade costumes are my favorite.


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