Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Star Quilt

I did it! I finished this quilt before Christmas!

Christmas Star Quilt 1

I finished it several days ago, but the weather has been so overcast and gloomy lately on the days that I've been off work, I haven't wanted to take pictures. The only reason I was able to take photos today is because I'm home with a sick kid sleeping on the couch. I tricked the sun- it knew I wasn't supposed to be home today!

Christmas Star Quilt 2

Lots of straight line quilting, because I still keep talking myself out of free motion quilting on a "real" project. Those practice sandwiches are piling up though!

Christmas Star Quilt 3

Now it's back to the mad rush of finishing the handmade gifts I have planned! The list keeps getting "amended" each day we get closer to Christmas... Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. That's really beautiful and I love the texture created by your quilting which looks just right for it.

  2. Beautiful!! I love the colors the prints you used and the design. Just lovely!

  3. I think I'm in love ... this is delightful!

  4. It is beautiful and the quilting is perfect! I love the color arrangement!

  5. Very pretty! I like the straight line quilting; I think it suits this little star.

  6. That is so pretty! Such a great block. The straight lines look great on it!

  7. I love it - the colors, the design and the straight-line quilting all work perfectly together!

  8. It's beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

  9. This is by far the prettiest Christmas quilt I have seen this season! Would you happen to have a pattern that you would share or that I could buy? Your work is beautiful!

  10. Jenny, I saw a post by you over at Behind the Mouse, where you used 4 left over blocks in a modern setting? I am trying to find the pattern for the blocks! They are so beautiful!

    1. I responded to your comment over on the Behind the Mouse blog. We don't have a pattern for those blocks, but it would be easy enough to "improv piece" a block like that and get a very similar look.


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