Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I've Been Doing for the Last Month

Christmas always kicks my butt and this year was no exception. So many errands, and shopping, and baking, and merriment to be made! Add a little boy's birthday three days after Christmas, and December is a busy month at our house.

So, here's a recap of the sewing I've done this month:

Christmas Jammies!

xmas jammies 7

You'll notice that this is a different fabric than the jammie pants in the first post. I only bought a "test" amount of fabric the first time around. I wanted to try out a pair of pants first before committing to buying enough fabric for everyone. I went back to Joann's a few days after Thanksgiving (it was still November, mind you!) and they didn't have any of the flannel snowmen fabric left. In fact, they had very little Christmas fabric left at all. Apparently everyone else thinks about their Christmas sewing much, much earlier than I do!

xmas jammies 8

Here we are in all our Christmas morning glory. This fabric certainly wasn't my first choice, but I was left with few options. I don't mind it in the kids' sizes, but the adult versions are a tad blinding.

Redwork Embroidery


A little embroidery piece for the grandma-in-law (she just turned 99!). The pattern is from a magazine called Christmas 365.

Laminated Tote Bag


A simple laminated tote bag for the mom-in-law. After making this apron with laminated cotton, I've been looking for more projects that I can use laminate with. When I saw this fabric I immediately thought of my MIL because she's a big OSU fan and the colors are perfect. It's OSU-esque without having a big Brutus on it.

Quilted Oven Mitt

oven mitt 1

This may be my favorite gift I made this season- a quilted oven mitt for my mom. It was hard not to keep this for myself! I even had the perfect button in my sewing box for the hanging loop. Being a craft supply hoarder really pays off sometimes!

oven mitt 2

So that was my month in sewing. Here's to a happy 2012!


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