Sunday, April 1, 2012

ltts sew along: tea party doll dress

So here it is, the last month of the Little Things to Sew sew along *sniff, sniff*. I've really enjoyed this sew along month after month. I've never made so many projects from one book, and the monthly deadlines gave me the extra push I sometimes need to get things done. And of course I liked being a part of a little sewing community, as I don't know too many sewists in "real life". Doesn't everyone seem to say that on their blogs? Where are we all hiding with our sewing machines?? Anyway, a big thank you to Jessica at A Little Gray for organizing this wonderful sew along!

Since we already have an explorer-type vest that was purchased during A's Dino Dan phase, and has not been touched in ages, I decided to make the Tea Party Doll Dress this month. I had fabric left over, so I made it to match K's birthday dress.

doll dress 1

Isn't it cute? Now I wanna splurge on the actual tea party dress pattern for K. That flared hem is just adorable. Luckily K has an American Doll-esque doll (thank you, Target!) that this dress fits perfectly.

doll dress 2

And here's the birthday girl and her doll in their matching dresses. She had a wonderful party with her family!

doll dress 3


  1. Awww... SO cute!!! And I like the dresses, too. :) The fabric is 'sweet'. ;)

  2. I love it! The fabric is pretty and fun. :)

  3. That fabric is so fun! Love the tiny tea party dress and your daughter's drew is adorable too!

  4. Hello from a new follower! Your blog looks great and I'm in awe of the amount of stuff you get done. Love your warm/cool quilt.

  5. SOOO cute! Love the matching dresses, I bet she did too! Makes me want to make one for a doll, and also buy the girl-size pattern too. Ooo, what fun. Lovely.

  6. Bah! It's perfect! Thanks for joining in Jenny.


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