Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Shirt... For ME!

I've been inspired by the Spring Top Sewalong to try sewing clothing for myself for a change. Not since that pair of 4-H project gym shorts I made back when I was 12 have I sewn a piece of clothing for myself. I believe I used a Bugs Bunny print for those ill-fitting shorts. Ah, high fashion.
[*I should say, I haven't sewn anything for myself from a pattern since I was 12. I did make those Christmas pajama pants, but I don't really count tracing around an existing pair of pants as real garment sewing.]

summer tank 1

I started with the Summer Blouse pattern in Weekend Sewing, but there were lots of modifications along the way. Not planned modifications, but necessary ones due to unforeseen problems and my lack of apparel sewing knowledge. First off, even though I bought the yardage called for in the pattern, I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves so the shirt became a tank. Then after trying it on, I felt like it was a bit short so I added the yellow band at the bottom. Adding the band affected the drape of the shirt and the sides stuck out and made me look like a big ol' triangle. I ended up taking it in more than 2" on both sides. My seam ripper has never seen more action.

But the good news is that I've made a wearable grown-up shirt! And it's all a learning experience, so the next time I try to sew myself something will be easier... right??!


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